Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Experience Rutgers Day • 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Hugging both sides of the Raritan River, Rutgers University–New Brunswick has been the historic heart of Rutgers for more than 250 years. The energy of 40,000+ students and an internationally acclaimed faculty gives this Rutgers flagship a vibrancy all its own.

Experience hands-on learning activities in the sciences, arts, and humanities; enjoy performances by musicians and dancers; and see exhibitions and demonstrations hosted by accomplished professors, staff, and students from Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences and Rutgers University–New Brunswick on the Busch, College Avenue, and Cook/Douglass campuses. And the excitement doesn’t end there—Alumni Weekend in New Brunswick is the last weekend in April to coincide with Rutgers Day.

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All Things Green

Respecting the environment that enriches our lives.


Reconnect with old friends and classmates.

Business and Careers

Rutgers experts help you hone your job-search skills and identify promising fields.

Experience the Arts & Humanities

Thought expression, and the lively scene at the center of the Garden State.

Get to Know Rutgers

What is it like on the inside? Here's a peek for prospective students and their parents.

Health and Wellness

Talk with a community of healers, scientists, and scholars.

Kid's Stuff

Exploration, fun, and learning for children.

Science & Technology

The joy of understanding, the thrill of invention.

Sports and Recreation

Caring for ourselves, exercising our minds and bodies.