Review the Guidelines

Rutgers Day Corporate Sponsorship Policy

  • Sponsorship helps to defray the cost of Rutgers Day. The university screens all sponsors and monitors concerns about the commercialization of Rutgers Day.
  • Sponsors who provide in-kind support will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether fair market value can be assessed and a mutually beneficial partnership can be achieved.
  • All sponsorships will be based on a written agreement.
  • Sponsors must adhere to the following:
    • No selling of product at Rutgers Day.
    • All exhibits including information tables must be linked to the Rutgers Day mission of learning and education.
  • Rutgers University will not accept sponsorships from companies with the following products: tobacco, alcohol, illegal goods or services, or that promote services or advocate positions that the university deems inconsistent with the mission of the university.

Have Questions? Contact Patty Kastner, Office of Community Affairs,, 848-445-1921.

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