New Brunswick Performance Stages

Big R Stage - Busch Campus

Rutgers Chiptune Festival

11:00 am

Rutgers Chinese Dance Troupe

12:05 pm

Verse One Performance

12:30 pm

First Light Acapella

12:40 pm

Rutgers Taekwondo Demonstration Team

1:05 pm

Rutgers Capoeira Demonstration

1:25 pm

Kennedy Hart Music

1:50 pm


2:30 pm

The CIRC Challenge Grand Prize Drawing

3:35 pm

Big R Stage - College Avenue Campus

Painted Young

11:30 am

Rutgers Kodenkan Jujitsu

12:35 pm

Rutgers Swing Dance Team Performance

12:55 pm

Rutgers ShockWave

1:05 pm

The Livingston Theatre Company

1:30 pm

moon days

2:07 pm

Chinese Fan Dance: Purple Bamboo Melody

2:45 pm


3:10 pm

Scarlet Stage - College Ave Campus

The Young Picassos

11:00 am

The Dead Flowers

12:00 pm

Bryan Hansen Band

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

Big R Stage - Cook/Douglass Campus

Queens Chorale Rutgers Day Performance

11:00 am

Rutgers Belly Dance Troupe

11:25 am

Lex RocHart

11:45 am

Cabaret Theatre presents selections from bare: A pop Opera

12:25 pm

Rutgers Youth Percussion Ensemble

12:45 pm

Kimberly Balao

1:35 pm

Rutgers Youth Jazz Ensemble

2:25 pm

World's Largest Egg Toss

3:00 pm