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Rutgers Day 2015
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Rutgers Day 2015

Experience New Jersey’s State University

Come as a family. Come with a group. Come by yourself. Just come to Rutgers Day! No registration required.

Lively activities, interactive demonstrations, vibrant stage performances, and an array of food choices await visitors on every campus. For the first time ever, Alumni Weekend will coincide with Rutgers Day offering alumni the opportunity to connect with old friends and classmates while they are on campus. There’s something for everyone at Rutgers Day 2015.

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Ready to explore?

Review event listings by your area of interest.

Get to Know Rutgers Get to Know Rutgers
What’s it like on the inside? Here’s a peek for prospective students and their parents.
Experience the Arts & Humanities Experience the Arts & Humanities
Imagination, expression, and creativity.
Science & Technology Science & Technology
The joy of understanding, the thrill of invention.
All Things Green All Things Green
Respecting the environment that enriches our lives.
Health & Wellness Health & Wellness
Caring for the mind and body through healthcare, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
Business & Careers Business & Careers
Rutgers experts help you hone your job-search skills and identify promising fields.
Sports & Recreation Sports & Recreation
Physical fitness, games, and sports.
Kids’ Stuff Kids’ Stuff
Exploration, fun, and learning for children.

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Already know where you want to go?
Busch Campus
Science enthusiasts of all ages will find a lot to see and learn, from engineering and the life sciences to health sciences programming. In and around the Busch Student Center you’ll find activities centered around business and virtual technology.
College Avenue Campus
The School of Arts and Sciences Tent of Big Ideas is the place for thought-provoking discussions with distinguished faculty, located on the Voorhees Mall, the destination for lovers of the arts and humanities. Take a step into the past to meet Henry Rutgers and other historical figures, or celebrate the achievements of modern day Rutgers, from our entrance into the Big Ten Athletic Conference to our vibrant student organizations. See how cultural diversity has influenced Rutgers’ global identity. The tradition of Family Day also continues at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum.
Cook/Douglass Campus
The Cook/Douglass Campus boasts a mix of high-tech research centers and a lovely natural setting complete with an operational farm. Explore the history of Douglass Residential College for women, and see how it has grown to foster women’s leadership on campus and outside its borders. If eco-programs like plant sales and petting zoos pique your interest, Cook/Douglass is the place to be on Rutgers Day!